Video Of Rapper Kanye West Suggesting NFL Is Rigged Resurfaces Days After The Super Bowl

Kanye West was not present at this year’s Super Bowl, but his music was. Rihanna took to the Halftime show with a set that many claimed was inspired by the Yeezy CEO and included several hits they shared together. West may never see himself take the halftime stage, so he has no issues calling out the NFL for things in the past he feels were rigged.

During one of his interviews with Drink Champs, Kanye West claims that the National Football League fixes its games to help ensure the advancement and legacies of certain players. Antonio Brown shared a post from Kanye with the caption “Moon Walking With Mahomes #YeToldya #Boomin,” where Kanye recalls watching Patrick Mahomes throw a game so that Tom Brady could win. “I seen him throw that game. And it’s weird cause I see Mahomes, and I can see it in his face. I seen a couple passes he threw. I knew the conversation.

The conversations like, ‘you got a long career ahead of you; we need our boy to get seven rings.’” West said that he loves Tom Brady as well but was torn because he knew that Mahomes was not playing to the best of his ability. “I seen him throw a pass, and it looked like Christian Laettner running up the court slow to me. Cause I seen it. And I knew what the conversation was.” West says he feels the NFL coached Mahomes before the game to ensure he did not play to the best of his ability. “You ain’t gone be moonwalking today Mahomes,” West joked.

The clip ended by cutting to an UberFacts tweet that states that “the NFL is recognized as an ‘entertainment’ business rather than a sport, and they can legally fix the outcome of games.” Fans immediately questioned Antonio Brown, wondering if he benefitted from any game rigging as well.

“AB, your Super Bowl win was rigged too boss ?” asked one fan. Another said, “oh, so ur ring fake too then ab?” Others agreed and said they feel like many sporting events are becoming rigged and point to bad calls from referees as examples.

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