You Won’t Believe the Shocking Reason They Thought She Wasn’t Worthy of Love

Preciosa the Chihuahua: Born Imperfect, Saved by Unconditional Love

Preciosa, a Chihuahua puppy with distinct medical conditions, was nearly given up on before she even got a chance to live. Born with a head somewhat larger than her siblings, her owners initially dismissed it as a trivial matter.

Things took a turn when they noticed her eyes—missing pupils—a sign they interpreted as a life unworthy of living.

Convinced that no one would ever adopt or love such an unusual little pup, her owners contemplated putting an end to her life. This would have been her grim fate within her first week on Earth, never knowing the warmth and love a family could offer.

However, destiny had a different plan for Preciosa.

Dina Sánchez Lemus, a compassionate individual, caught wind of Preciosa’s heartbreaking story. “A friend mentioned his dog had a skull that was bigger than normal and eyes that never opened. He said they planned to euthanize her to save her from a ‘life of suffering,'” Dina shared.

Even before meeting Preciosa, Dina knew she had to intervene. Pleading with the owners, she convinced them to give her custody of the pup. Not only would Preciosa be under her loving care, but she would also experience a joyful life she never thought possible.

Dina even adopted another one of the siblings, welcoming both dogs into her loving home. While Preciosa’s first days were challenging due to her undeveloped eyes, she found a guide in Dina, who provided all the support she needed to thrive.

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