The Heart-wrenching Words Found on This Lost Dog Will Tear You Apart!

Pooch Found with the Phrases “Free” and “Only a Loving Home” Now Seeks a Fresh Start

In Ross County, a young dog was discovered, marked with the words “free” and “only a loving home.” Fortunately, she will soon find a new home.

Abandoned in a crate in a Chillicothe yard, the dog’s plight came to light thanks to the Ross County Humane Society’s director, Brittany May.

The dog was covered in writing that said “FREE” and “ONLY A LOVING HOME,” all scribbled in permanent ink.

(Courtesy of Ross County Humane Society’s Brittany May)

May informed us that the dog is a female lab mix and is approximately 5-6 months old.

The shelter has lovingly named her Marvella, which signifies “miracle.”

Brittany May shared that they’ve managed to remove most of the ink from Marvella’s coat. On her personal Facebook page, May expressed her dismay, stating that those responsible had sunk to “an unimaginable level of insensitivity.”

Nonetheless, Marvella will be up for adoption this coming Wednesday. Those keen on giving her a forever home are encouraged to reach out.

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