‘Those belongings are gonna turn into trash’: Server says she throws away customers’ forgotten personal items if they don’t tip

A server sparked a viral TikTok debate about whether tipping is mandatory after stating she gets “revenge” against certain customers by tossing away any personal effects they may leave behind.

Sheena Mean (@sheenamean_is_late) wraps a dessert pie in the clip as she talks into the camera and says that this form of payback is reserved for diners who’ve received top-tier service and still decide to not leave a tip.

“If you sit in my section and you get A1 service, and you don’t tip me but you leave behind some of your personal belongings, guess what? Those belongings are gonna turn into trash so quick, like magic,” she says. She adds a trash bin text emoji to the end of the video’s text overlay.

In a caption for the video, Sheena writes, “I might ruffle some feathers with this one but I stand on what I said. Tip your server and stay woke.”

The server’s remarks appear to have sparked a debate in the video’s comments section. Some people referenced other servers’ TikTok videos about not receiving gratuities and stated that they were tired of hearing individuals complain about their jobs.

Others remarked that if someone is going to get upset over not receiving tips, then they should look for a job with a pay structure that isn’t dependent on whether or not a customer gives them a gratuity to ensure that they make a living wage.

“This tipping rage is getting crazy,” one user said. Another wrote, “Here’s an idea get a job where you don’t rely on tips! Stop making people feel forced to tip. All you do is make drinks and bring food that’s all.” A third commenter chimed in, “Tipping is getting out of control.”

Sheena replied to the gratuity critics, stating, “Tipping servers has always been a thing, as well as anyone else that provides a service for you. You’re just mad about it lol.”

Other servers shared their own stories about how they get back at rude customers who left behind their personal belongings.

“I worked at a restaurant at 17 and this lady said a slur, she left her huge key ring behind and I threw it away. her car got towed too [because] no fob,” they shared.

One user said, “I had a table try to dine and dash and left their phone behind they came back and had to pay I was gonna sell that phone.”

User @hayleenickel wrote, “Last table I served at [Texas Roadhouse] ran up a huge tab and left without paying, they left their designer shades, so I pawned them for the tip I deserved.”

It wasn’t just servers who got revenge against non-tipping patrons, however. A delivery driver wrote in the comments, “Delivered a pizza to a house where the car lights were still on. Car was cold. No tip, so I said nothing.”

There were also a number of commenters who said they would never feel comfortable with the idea of not tipping their server. Some said if customers were so against the idea of tipping then they should actively seek out restaurants that don’t have a gratuity option for their servers or automatically include gratuity as part of the bill.

“I couldn’t imagine the embarrassment of not tipping especially if the service was on point,” one TikToker wrote. Another commented, “I waitressed in my small town 20 years ago and so many people felt it was fine not to tip, it was unbelievable.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Sheena via TikTok comment for further information.

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