All hell broke loose online when a TikToker claimed to be the reincarnation of Hitler

A TikToker claimed to be the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler in a since-deleted video that exploded across the app. Now, an army of Facebook sleuths is dedicated to digging through his past.

The TikToker, who goes by Felix Cipher, was initially called out for wearing Nazi paraphernalia in a video he made about his nose ring, which was made to look like Hitler’s mustache. The video is now gone and the Daily Dot could not confirm the validity of the original video.

However, numerous TikTok users stitched and duetted the original video to call Cipher out.

Cipher then made a second video addressing the “nose ring allegations” where he claimed to be “in tune with past and past lives” and said his past life “just so happened to be a very infamous one.”

Even though Cipher’s TikTok account is now gone, the videos have gone viral across the internet.

Cipher claimed in the video that he remembers Hitler’s suicide as his own and that the vision first came to him when he was five years old.

Both of Cipher’s videos went viral and users quickly started calling him out for professing the disturbing claim that he was the second coming of the Nazi leader. In the follow-up video, Cipher also claimed that he had a mark from where Hitler shot himself.

One of those who spoke out was Gidon Lev, a Holocaust survivor. Lev made a video saying that Cipher’s nose ring was “not cool.” According to Gray, Cipher allegedly responded on the video.

“Haha, it’s me! Sorry my men had you in a camp, ol’ pal, but I’m back for a reason,” Cipher commented, according to Lev’s wife, Julie Gray, who wrote about the interaction.

While Cipher only recently gained TikTok notoriety, a Facebook group revealed that Cipher has potentially had this reincarnation theory for a while.

In the group, users have been sharing stories and digging deeper into Cipher’s past, unearthing videos they say were made by their apparent ex-partner, who claimed he expressed suicidal ideation.

The group also unearthed an old Tumblr blog it believes is Cipher’s and which makes explicit comments about Hitler. The user name on the Tumblr blog the group unearthed matches up with an account on Instagram that also appears to also be of Cipher.

The Facebook group was created on Tuesday and already has over 1,000 members. Posts on the group include people who say they knew Cipher in high school detailing their experience with him, posts ousting other members for defending Cipher, and rampant doxing and accusations.

The Daily Dot is not linking to the group and its post, as they have also doxed people close to Cipher.

Photos alleging to be of Cipher’s house and address were shared in the group. Moderators have attempted to police the group, as some users are even trying to get Cipher’s mother’s legal license revoked from the state where she practices laws.

On what the group alleges was Cipher’s now-deleted Tumblr, he said he was writing his version of Mein Kampf and that his mother is the reincarnation of Hitler’s mother.

The Facebook group has claimed to have gotten Cipher fired from his job, even as some are pushing back on the potential harm the group has caused for those around Cipher. Cipher allegedly is back on TikTok under a new username and still is apparently active on an Instagram account.

While the reincarnation claims made by Cipher are serious, users on TikTok had a blast with Cipher’s bold reincarnation theory.

In a statement to the Daily Dot, Cipher said the assumption by people that he caries the political views of his past self (Hitler) is “completely unfounded.” Cipher said he “talked about eugenics, not genocide” and that he doesn’t “believe in racist values like everyone assumes.”

He also criticized people going after his family, saying “this is my fight, nothing to do with them.

A Meta representative said that, as of Friday morning, Cipher’s Instagram account was down. The representative said that the account was taken down by Cipher and that the platform had not intervened or banned Cipher from Facebook or Instagram.

TikTok did not respond to a request for comment.

This post has been updated with comment from Cipher and Meta.

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