The Latest Tactic In Anti-‘Hogwarts Legacy’ Campaign Is Rampant Spoiler-posting

We’re at T-minus 10-ish hours until Hogwarts Legacy officially releases, and a new front has been opened by the anti-Hogwarts Legacy contingency intended to kill interest in the game before it’s released — rampant spoiler-posting.

Hogwarts Legacy has proven extremely controversial ahead of its release thanks in large part to the various TERF controversies of Harry Potter author JK Rowling and other aspects surrounding the game’s plot and development.

With calls to boycott the game apparently failing, posting warning-free spoilers is less tangibly harmful strategy than what boycotters have previously attempted but is potentially very annoying for anyone interested in playing the game.

Anyone looking to avoid spoilers for Hogwarts Legacy will be facing a difficult time online over the following few days. Currently, the official hashtag for the game on Twitter is not safe to scroll (example spoiler post here), while Know Your Meme can independently confirm that spoilers can appear on various social media timelines untagged and in the form of screenshots — meaning spoiler-averse fans can’t even mute relevant keywords to ensure they’ll never come across one.

The new tactic employed by the Hogwarts Legacy boycotters drew expectedly divided reactions online, as some thought it was a justifiable and non-violent way to protest the game while others thought it was a dirty tactic.

Of course, there was also a contingency of people with no interest in the game who came across the spoilers and affirmed their position that the Harry Potter series is nonsensical and childish.

Hogwarts Legacy still has not been officially released yet, meaning it will be some time until we can see if any of the boycotting strategies actually end up affecting sales of the game.

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