15 Embarrassing Social Media Posts Captured By Reddit’s ‘Facepalm’

It’s been years since most of us thought about the term facepalm. In 2023, it doesn’t feel as relevant as it did a decade ago. But the things that are worthy of facepalming over have never disappeared. In fact, people seem to have gotten significantly dumber over the years, especially in the wake of the pandemic, which seems to have left many of us giving up on logic entirely in favor of posting some nonsense for the sake of social media likes.

Fortunately, while we’ve been unaware of the facepalm-worthy tweets, pictures, comments and more that are constantly circulating online, Reddit has been meticulously cataloging them for the rest of us to enjoy. On the subreddit /r/facepalm, people continue to be as delusional and embarrassing as ever, and all of them in very unique ways. Here are some of the best new images to remind you that facepalming is still relevant as long as these people are still around.

There Was an Easy Way to Avoid This

Daily Mail .com News Unvaccinated French boy, five, 'reintroduces measles to Costa Rica' while on holiday with his family - five years after the country eradicated the disease By Julian Robinson for MailOnline 05:45 EST 25 Feb 2019, updated 06:36 EST 25 Feb 2019 Product Human Sleeve Gesture Font Screenshot

But What If He Was Wrong?

Darrell @OriginalKingD I was leaving Kroger(s) and this woman is outside with her baby in a stroller asking for money. I was about to give her some money. This man yells out "DONT GIVE HER ASS NO MONEY THAT BABY AINT REAL" then he runs over and kicks the stroller. I'll be damned, baby wasn't real. 4:19 PM 1/11/22 Twitter for Android 7,105 Retweets 1,646 Quote Tweets 40.1K Likes 27 Darrell @OriginalKingD. 1d Replying to @OriginalKingD She yelled "DAMN YOU GARY!" Shout out to Gary. He the scam police. 1695 7,812 29 ... ... World Organism Font Screenshot Astronomical object

Ignoring a Wild Monkey Bite

r/AskDocs u/... 20h Layperson/not ve... ● Gf [25, f] bit by a monkey now experiencing symptoms Physician Responded Two weeks ago we went into the Amazon Rainforest and a wild monkey bit my gf [25, biological femalel when she tried petting it. We didn't think much of it and kept going with our lives. Last monday she started feeling discomfort in her jaw which soon evolved into pain when she tried opening it. Now she has a headache and feels tension and electricity in her trapezius muscle and her neck. I think she might have tetanus but her jaw pain may also be caused by a bad movement. Should we be worried? ✓ Font

Vegan Baby

A baby was losing weight and vomiting. At the hospital, doctors discovered he was starving from an almond milk diet. Anna Medaris Jan 20, 2023, 5:03 PM ធ SOLO Read in app Almond Milk Milk Nose Hand Product Comfort Gesture Finger Font Baby Thumb


Today at 14:19 Do not speak Germxn here. As long as you only speak English, you're alright. 1 Today at 14:19 It's not an attack, it's a logical statement based on a single accusation. Why the hell did you censor the word German? Today at 14:20 Because of gendered language And I suggest you censor it too oday at 14:21 Ah, yes, because Gerwoman is a word Or Gerperson Stop now Today at 14:21 day at 14:22 You are literally saying that German, a word referring to a language, is a gendered word. 3 Today at 14:23 Stop using gendered language. Is it really so difficult to use germxn and make people feel more secure and safe? 132 G Font

Dark Side of the Moon

Pink Floyd updated their profile picture. 3h U Michael What's up with the rainbow 2h Like Reply Wild Lose the rainbow, you're making yourself look stupid!... 15m Haha Reply Michae.. What is that pink Floyd what a disgrace 2h Haha Reply Lackc From this moment i don't listen this band..... David are you going woke with rainbows, is there a straight flag, I want equal representation, don't get me wrong, we should all be true to who we are. Peace 2h Haha Reply Product Font Screenshot Circle

World’s Worst Birth Plan

Posting Annon. because I might get some looks -Currently 41 weeks and coming to the realization w might end up in the hospital versus our homebirth... Anything I missed? ad. BIRTH PLAN **DOULA-HUSBAND IN ROOM "No IV flunds/ antibiotic. → No Antibiotics for BABY → wear my own clothes Do not need a mirror to see birth → No eye antibiotic for BABY Please use soap. HEG not →NO VIT K FOR BABY no unnecessary finaus checks → No unnecessary "stimulation" for baby → chest-to-chest right away: Baby will not be taken from mom until mom is ready no sugar water Baby will not leave the room delaved cord clamping по нат ho bottle/ PacifieRS - Explain what is going on if mom cant see baby. • noformula No cervical checks/ water break w/o asking No coached pushing intermittent monitoring → mom will walk around NO VACCINES > Hep B DO 41 no circumCISION no Bath for Baby no blood heel stick no state labs/pku no RhoGam until baby's blood comes back no SSN Dont offer pain meds & mom will ask Mom or dad w/ baby @ all times. Possible water birth. Will drink/ have snacks not Saving placenta emergency (-section only Mom+ dad will let you know when were ready for visitors Handwriting Font Recipe

My favorite part has to be “No bath for baby.” She just wants the newborn baby back…uncleaned?

Why Did This Take So Long?

Google TV is about to get a remote that never runs out of power Home L androidauthority.com VOL BACK NETFLIX YouTube GUIDE TEXT CH SOURCE 100 HENU EXIT Google Play gargravarr2112 3h The remote has technology that uses light to keep the battery charged. Every solar-powered calculator for the past 40 years: "Am I a joke to you?" Communication Device Font Gadget Mobile device

I’m Scared to Know What She Normally Makes This Kid Eat

10:37 < 12 mins. What would be a suitable punishment for a 13 year old boy who brought a pack of the cheap, horrible ramen noodles into your house (from a friend's house) and prepared it in the middle of the night. I work VERY hard to buy good, healthy foods (that he likes and still complains incessantly that I am horrible for only buying healthy food) and this is about as bad as it gets. He knows how I feel about it. In addition, he spent the previous night at a friends house and drank Coke Zero all night and Popeyes Chicken. I knew he did that, but I feel the ramen is just laughing in my face. I found remnants of noodles in the sink and then dug through the trash to find this bag. I'm serious. I am so mad and so hurt. I need ideas on how to educate him, since clearly he knows everything at age 13. I hate sleepovers, but I also don't want to destroy his friendships (but they will be on hold for a while). O Like Pic of ingredients in case you wonder why I am so mad! (MMEDOVY Nutrition 10:00-12 113 4378000219 3 Comment 11m Like Reply Write a comment... GIF (9) ||| Font Automotive parking light Automotive lighting Screenshot Parallel


Brigitte Gabriel @ACTBrigitte The National Anthem and Pledge of Allegiance should be played and recited every single day in every single public K-12 school, and every single student should be required to participate. Brigitte Gabriel @ACTBrigitte At no time in history have the people forcing others into compliance been the good guys. Happy Font

A Very True Story

Nick Adams (Alpha Male) @NickAdamsinUSA Just boarded a flight. I got to my seat and spread my legs wide, as I always do. I was immediately confronted by a wife and her husband in my row, accusing me of "manspreading" and being inconsiderate. As an alpha male, I had no intention of apologizing or adjusting, so I reclined my seat all the way back and told them to (respectfully) get bent. A man's comfort is of paramount importance. 7:10 AM 2/9/23 366K Views 2,885 Likes 160 Retweets 59 Quotes Font

I Hope It Is

Andrew Tate says his jail cell in Romania is dark and infested with cockroaches and lice Lindsay Dodgson Jan 24, 2023, 5:08 AM O 2 Andrew Tate (left) and his brother Tristan leave court after losing their appeal to be released from jail in Romania. Andreea Campeanu/Getty Images Andrew Tate Tristan Tate Forehead Photograph Sleeve Font Adaptation Happy Beard

That’ll Make Him Believe

* Selling our son's birthday presents image 5 of 7 LEGO MINECRAFT 8+ 21114 262 L We're selling all the toys our 9 year old just received for his birthday 3 weeks ago. He's been acting out lately and saying that he doesn't believe our religion and wants to be a scientist. We're fine with him wanting to learn, but he should learn about God. We can't tolerate him questioning and back talking so we are going to sell everything. Just so you know, we're going to make him watch this happen so the lesson really stinks in. And the money will go to sending him to bible camp this month. Font

Media Control

Lavern Spicer @lavern_spicer FUN FACT: If you rearrange the letters of Delta and Omicron, you get MEDIA CONTROL Replying to @lavern_spicer You also get EROTIC ALMOND, what's your point? 3 22 1 29m 35 *** World Organism Font

I Bet All That Extra Work Was Fun

If you are having a bad day, remember that we unloaded six thousand bricks in the wrong address David Coverdale World Travel Community People T-shirt

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