Rapper Camron Sadly Announces The Passing Of His Mother, Fredericka Giles

Rapper Camron took to Instagram to announce the passing of his mother. According to Camron, his mother, Fredericka Giles, passed away a little over a week ago on February 9. The rapper took to social media to make the announcement this morning.


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Camron went back and forth, trying to decide if he would share the news of his mother’s passing with the world because he is in a lot of pain and didn’t think it was anyone’s business. According to Camron’s Instagram post, in 2007, his mother suffered a stroke that left her left side partially paralyzed, along with a speech impediment. Camron took a moment to thank all of his mother’s social media followers who brought joy to her life. “Social media was her go to for entertainment, news, general gossip, etc. She would send me anything she thought I should know, about me or not, good or bad. She also had friends on here she fight me about,” the rapper shared.

Fredericka Giles was one of Camron’s biggest supporters and used her social media presence to share throwback pictures and videos of Dipset. She had a huge personality on social media that amassed over 71K followers. In her biography, it stated, ‘Camron’s creator.” The viewing will take place on February 23 from 2 pm to 8 pm at Benta’s funeral home in Harlem. Fredericka Giles was 67 years old.


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Let’s keep Camron’s family in our prayers!


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