Chris Brown Facing More Backlash, This Time From Women Denied Entry Into His VIP Section

The last 24 hours of Chris Brown’s life have been rough. First, the singer was a trending topic yesterday regarding his past, and now more women are coming forward with claims the singer blocked them from his VIP section because of their skin color.

A woman named Matty took to her TikTok account to expose Chris Brown for banning black women from his VIP section in the UK. According to the woman, thousands of girls were attempting to get into VIP when she and her friends arrived. However, their names were supposed to be on the guest list. Matty appeared on video with at least five other women who echoed her claims against Chris Brown and the venue.

The timing couldn’t have been more coincidental as Chris Brown went to war against Kiely Williams yesterday after the former 3LW member resurfaced his 2009 incident with Rihanna. Chris Brown took to Instagram to air out Kiely Williams and listed white celebrities who have continued their career despite having questionable legal issues. Taking to his Instagram stories, Chris Brown put Mel Gibson, Nicholas Cage, Ozzy Osbourne, Tommy Lee, Slash, Charlie Sheen, and others.

Many fans questioned the motive of the group of women, suggesting their chasing clout since it hasn’t been one whole day since Chris Brown began trending. Some believe the singer would know better than create this kind of controversy as he’s trying to clear his name. “How convenient… I’m sure he’s a lot smarter than that when he is already trying to revive his name,” one fan stated.

Chris Brown has not spoken about the allegations, but we expect to hear from him soon. The singer is currently on tour.


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