Keri Hilson Doesn’t Believe ‘Unconditional Love’ Exists: “It Sounds Good, But We Should Have Conditions’

Keri Hilson is opening up about love and what she believes is possible in a relationship. The singer/songwriter stopped by the Behind The Mask podcast to talk about a number of things, spending a good deal of time discussing love languages and why some conditions are healthy in a relationship.

Keri Hilson says her primary love language is quality time, with her secondary being physical touch. Keri says she would not be happy if her partner did not speak her language. “If you’re not in tune or attentive enough to do what makes your lady the happiest, then yeah, I’m not going to be fulfilled, and you’re gonna see the fruits of that. Whatever that may be.” She makes sure to specify that it should work both ways for sure. When the discussion turned to love being unconditional, Keri says that she feels a marriage should be unconditional, but not dating. “Until I’m married, I’m very conditional,” she said while laughing.

While one of the host disagreed, Keri clarified, saying, “saying love is unconditional is cute. I like the idea of it; it sounds beautiful. Maybe familia love is that.” Keri says, “relationally, whether it’s natural or its intentional, if your language isn’t spoken, I’m not happy.” Keri does not think you should just walk away either but believes there are deal breakers like side chicks or having a baby on the side. When the host tried to pry and figure out which famous ex Keri might be talking about, she laughed and kept the convo going.

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