From Heroic Rescue to Forever Home: How This Policeman’s Rainy Day Encounter Changed Everything

On a cold, rainy day, NYPD Officer Michael Pascale was patrolling a local park when his eyes were drawn to a small black dog, surrounded by debris and broken bottles.

The pup, named Joey, was tightly bound to a fence by a chain, visibly cold, trembling, and evidently left behind. Recounting the moment to The Dodo, Officer Pascale said, “His eyes pleaded ‘Save Me’. My instincts told me I had to get him out of this situation.”

From Abandoned to Cherished

Without hesitation, Officer Pascale whisked Joey off to the Animal Care Centers of NYC shelter located in Brooklyn. As he gently dried the soggy canine, he felt an unmistakable bond forming. “I don’t just see a pet, I see a living being with feelings,” said Pascale.

He snapped a picture and shared it with his wife, who instantly responded, “Let’s adopt him!” Both were eager, yet there was a small hurdle they had to overcome.

The Longest 72 Hours

The shelter informed Pascale about the mandatory 72-hour hold for strays. Regardless of an animal’s evident mistreatment, there might be an owner desperately searching for them. This waiting period offers a window for potential reunions.

Despite this temporary separation, Pascale’s commitment was unwavering. He visited Joey daily, strengthening their bond.

Upon the completion of the waiting period, Pascale eagerly completed the adoption formalities. Joey’s gratitude was evident as he showered Pascale with affectionate licks. Pascale made an internal promise: Joey would never face abandonment or cruelty again.

A New Chapter Begins

No longer an overlooked stray, Joey has transformed into a cherished family member. He now relishes his New York adventures alongside Pascale and cherishes his snuggle time with his new mom, becoming quite the doting son.

While Joey may now have an Instagram moniker of @JoeyGoodDoggo, like any pet, he has his quirks. He occasionally raids the trash, and rain remains a sore point, but he’s happy, cherished, and loved.

After all, isn’t that what every dog truly seeks?

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