Chrisean Rock’s HUGE Reveal: It’s a Boy! Check Out Her Final Pregnancy Moments Before D-Day! (EXCLUSIVE PICS)

Chrisean Rock recently announced she’s on the verge of welcoming a baby boy into the world. Sources from The Shade Room indicated that this will mark the rapper’s maiden venture into motherhood, with the child being with fellow music artist, Blueface.

Chrisean Rock Shares Exciting News About Expecting a Son Chrisean Rock lit up her social media this past Tuesday, hinting at her upcoming life as a “boy mom.” On her Instagram, fans were treated to a series of images where she proudly displayed her blossoming baby bump, all while rocking Fashion Nova attire.

One of the highlights from this photo collection was an emotional video of Rock being surrounded by presents and love. But what stole the limelight was the sonogram image, hinting that she’s progressing into her final trimester.


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The heartfelt photo series came with the caption, “One last look before my Baby Boy arrives 💙✨ @fashionnova.” To add to the joy, Rock also treated her followers with an endearing sonogram picture on her Instagram stories, teasing, “He’s already so adorable.”

Moreover, the same photographs made their way to another platform, X, with a succinct caption accompanying them.

The Social Media Buzz The digital world was abuzz with chatter after Rock’s announcement on The Shade Room. Fans and followers poured in with heartfelt messages and congratulatory wishes.

One enthusiastic user, @kimmyskreations.1, remarked, “When God blesses women with sons first, it’s his way of introducing them to unconditional love.”


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Other comments ranged from praises about the sonogram’s clarity to prayers for a safe childbirth and speculations on the baby’s appearance.

Yet, as of now, Blueface has stayed silent on Rock’s announcement about their upcoming bundle of joy.

A Glimpse into Chrisean Rock’s Pregnancy Journey Previously, The Shade Room had spilled the beans on Rock’s pregnancy with Blueface in January. While there were skeptics initially, Rock silenced the doubters in May with her radiant photos, showcasing her six-month-along pregnancy.

By July, Rock hinted at welcoming a new phase in her life, filled with tranquility and new beginnings. Staying true to her word, she generously donated to her local church in Baltimore recently.

And as the due date approaches, Rock’s anticipation is palpable, especially with her recent post on X, where she eagerly speaks about her little boy “making his entrance soon.”

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