Dad thinks that the surprise is that she is pregnant, but watch how he responds when she tells him the real secret.

Watch how dad reacts when she tells him the real surprise.

When Leann and her husband found out they were going to have twins, they were very happy. Leann was sure that when her dad heard the good news, he would be happy for them. So, the couple chose to wait until they saw him again a few months later to tell him.

The time had come to surprise Leann’s dad. He is shown a picture of an ultrasound by Leann.

When he first sees the picture, he is completely shocked and jumps for joy. When he sees that there are two babies in the shot, his happiness grows.

He was very happy to hear that his daughter and her husband are going to have twins. He is so happy that tears are running down his face and he can’t even talk.

I haven’t seen someone react so deeply in a long time. I was moved to the point where I almost started to cry. Is there any question that Leann’s dad has what it takes to be a great grandparent? You can see this moving moment in the interesting movie below.

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