A dad whose daughter died of cancer gets a tattoo of the last note she wrote to him.

The last words he said to his dead daughter were tattooed on his skin so he would always remember her.

The person who died was very young when they died from cancer. Her father is so proud of her that he got a tattoo of the last words she wrote in a note to him.
The guy wrote on social media, “My daughter made this drawing for me before she died from cancer, and now I wear it on my skin.”

People are very sad because the heartfelt words “I love you dad” written next to a picture of the girl seem to be her last words to her father.
People on the Internet who were really moved by the story have spoken up:

Hey, @Whats4_T_MattyD, what’s up? I wanted to cry when I read this. We often miss the little things when we’re parents. I’ll make the most of every opportunity, even if it’s just to wake up my kids in the morning.

“I can’t even imagine what it must be like to go through something like that,” wrote @GrazaWhu on Twitter. If he does this, he might feel better.

Tweet by @DragonLord1975: I think I saw something similar to that a long time ago on #InkMaster. It hurts you deeply. The tattoo isn’t just a permanent mark; it also shows that a father and child will always be close. This is the main point.
Twitter user @RedBloodYNWA: This hurts my heart. After I saw that, I had to go into my girls’ room, wake them up, and give them a big hug. I don’t understand how people can move on after something like that.

Steve Leavy says: At the same time, it breaks your heart and gives you hope. I couldn’t have thought of anything stronger than what was shown. Your daughter, rest in peace. I’m going to thank God that I still have my children. Good for you.

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