Abandoned Dog’s Touching Gesture To Rescuing Officer Will Make Your Day!

Officer Angela Laurella was called to respond to an incident involving two dogs left tethered to posts on a deserted lane in Pompano, Florida.

There was no way of knowing how long the dogs had been abandoned there or by whom, as there were no surveillance cameras. But Officer Laurella knew that the sweltering 100-degree weather meant there was no time to lose.

Rushing to the scene, she found a frail gray dog gripping a pole so tightly he could barely move.

Amy Roman, who founded the 100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida organization, described the situation to The Dodo: “His leash was far too short. He was skeletal, parched, and you could see every rib and bone sticking out.”

The dog, now christened Liam, gently put his paw into Officer Laurella’s hand and lowered his head. “She approached him cautiously and extended her hand. Liam hesitantly offered his paw as if pleading, ‘Get me out of this place,’” Roman elaborated.

The video of the rescue is available here:

Understanding that Liam needed specialized attention due to his difficult past, Officer Laurella reached out to 100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida. Even though they were already swamped, Roman happily agreed to take Liam under her wing.

Currently on the mend in Roman’s residence following multiple trips to the vet, Liam—a 17-pound mini bulldog—is steadily rebuilding his strength and enjoying more nourishing meals than he’s ever had.

“He’s showered with love constantly,” said Roman. “We feed him every 60 minutes to help him adjust… He’s really enjoying life now, especially with volunteers making him fresh meals of chicken and rice.”

While the journey to full recovery is long and filled with future vet visits, Liam has been a beacon of positivity since his rescue.

“His temperament is amazing. Despite his past, he’s still incredibly forgiving and full of love,” stated Roman. “To me, that says it all.”

Liam represents just one of many pets in Florida who are either abandoned or given up by their owners.

With shelters already bursting at the seams, Roman encourages pet owners to seek out the help and resources that these organizations can offer before making the difficult decision to give up their animals. Liam serves as a living testament that every dog is deserving of a second chance.

Continuing to be open to human interaction, Liam demonstrates his readiness for a life filled with love and care.

“Dogs like Liam are a lesson in resilience and love, truly a reason to believe again,” Roman concluded.

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