Will This Deaf Dog’s Worst Fear Come True? The Twist Will Shock You

Deaf dogs make up between 5% and 10% of the canine population in the U.S., and this isn’t uncommon among dogs that are white with blue eyes. The condition often arises due to a genetic mutation affecting the inner ear.

Blu, a deaf white pit bull with captivating blue eyes, languished in a shelter for a long time, receiving no visitors.

That all changed when Mark and Sean, a couple from San Francisco, went on a quest to find a deaf dog to adopt. They stumbled upon Blu at Family Dog Rescue and instantly felt a connection. “The moment Blu met Sean, it was like they’d known each other forever,” Mark revealed to GeoBeats Animals.

Blu’s original family reached out to Mark and Sean to explain that she had lived with them for six years, but they had to give her up due to housing restrictions. Consequently, she ended up as one of the longest-staying residents at the shelter.

Given her prolonged solitude, Blu was understandably hesitant in her new environment, uncertain if she would be returned to the shelter. Mark shared, “On our first car ride to the beach, she was so scared that she was visibly trembling.”

However, Blu’s temperament underwent a remarkable change as she spent time with her new family, becoming more vibrant and full of life. Mark and Sean even created a unique form of communication with her, like hand signals and particular movements, to help her understand them. “We’re so in tune with each other,” Sean mentioned, “I feel she’s my spirit animal.”

Being deaf hasn’t hindered Blu’s relationship with her new family, but it has affected her interaction with other dogs. Mark observed, “There are subtle cues that dogs give each other which she doesn’t grasp, but that’s okay.”

Sean couldn’t be happier with Blu: “Deaf dogs listen with their hearts. They’re such special beings that I can’t imagine not having one.”

Interestingly, while most dogs are terrified of fireworks, Blu is unaffected, much to the relief of her doting dads.

The love that Mark and Sean have for Blu is evident, and it’s a mutual feeling. Blu seems relaxed, healthy, and happy in her forever home, a stark contrast to her time in the shelter. Their heartwarming story is one that needs to be shared far and wide.

Don’t miss the video below that tells the inspiring story of Blu and her loving dads!

Share this tale with your loved ones, and show them how beautiful adoption can be.

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