This Dog Had Only Months to Live. You Won’t Believe How They Transformed His Last Days

Sarah Lauch and Kelly Michael stepped in to give a new lease of life to Roosevelt, a 5-year-old pup they found at Chicago Animal Care and Control, diagnosed with a terminal bone cancer. The mysteries of his initial years remain, but Sarah believes his upcoming months will be filled with joy.

Upon Kelly’s suggestion, Sarah, holding a position as an executive producer at Comcast, decided to take Roosevelt, fondly nicknamed ‘Roo’, under her wing.

Together, they vowed, “His next six months will be nothing short of extraordinary.”

To celebrate Roo’s spirit, they crafted a special bucket list for him, documenting his adventures and sharing them online with the hashtag #LiveLikeRoo. Their aim? To inspire others to venture out and create memories with their pets.

From indulging him with therapeutic massages to treats from Taco Bell and his much-loved ice cream from Tastee Freeze, they ensured every wish was fulfilled. Despite Kelly’s initial reservations, Roo even got to savor some meat.

On their escapade to Starved Rock State Park, Roo’s vibrant spirit was evident. “He led us for a good three kilometers at Starved Rock,” Kelly noted. “Always eager to lead, showing no signs of his ailment.”

Roo’s inspiring journey has captured hearts nationwide, gaining significant attention.

“Our hope is for everyone to witness the magic Roo brings into our lives,” expressed Lauch. Many have shared how Sarah and Kelly’s journey with Roo encouraged them to treasure every moment with their pets, making every day count.

“People often think it’s a somber time for us,” said Lauch. “But while Roo might not understand, he can surely feel our emotions.”

As for what the future holds for Roo? Sarah and Kelly cherish every moment, living in the present with their brave canine companion.

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