The ‘Unicorn’ dog’s bump led him to a bump in fate – a loving forever home.

Almost put to sleep due to a peculiar bump on her head, the remarkable “unicorn” dog has found a new lease on life after getting a second chance.

Last year, a rescue organization called the Labelle Foundation took in a charming pit bull mix named Strawberry. A post on their social media revealed that the pooch was in dire straits and narrowly escaped euthanasia before her rescue.

Strawberry was not just suffering from prominent lumps on her skull; she was in a terribly neglected state, afflicted with mange and infections that had turned her skin an alarming shade of pink.

After conducting medical assessments, the foundation found out that the lumps were not fatal; instead, they were remnants of an old wound that had scarred over.

While the option of surgical removal was considered, the organization decided against it. Performing surgery merely for aesthetic purposes presented unnecessary risks, such as potential brain trauma.

Undeterred by Strawberry’s unique appearance, the Labelle Foundation was committed to finding her a loving forever home. “Our little unicorn is perfect as she is, and we’re certain we’ll find a family that agrees,” they shared.

Fortuitously, a family in South Pasadena, California, saw Strawberry’s story and was instantly smitten with this one-of-a-kind pup. “Every time I saw her image on the Labelle Foundation’s Instagram, my heart just melted. Those eyes were so kind; I’d never seen another dog like her,” Kristen Kuhlman told Today.

Kristen and her family welcomed Strawberry into their lives last September. According to Kristen, it wasn’t all smooth sailing initially; Strawberry was disoriented and would whimper during the night.

However, with time, love, and patience, Strawberry has fully embraced her new environment and family. “Within weeks, she transformed into the most loving dog, and she’s a beloved part of our family now. It’s been wonderful,” Kristen recounted to Today.

Today, Strawberry is flourishing, blessed with a family that adores her for who she is, unique lumps and all.

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