The Cussing Grandma on TikTok is Battling Advanced Cancer

If you’ve been on TikTok, Facebook, or Instagram lately, you’ve probably seen this grandma known as Grandma Holla. This 96-year-old seasoned lady has gone viral in several videos for speaking her mind, cursing whenever she wants to, and simply telling it how it is.

Many of her videos show others asking her questions or interacting with her at home in a car. All in all, she comments on everything from eating healthy, celebrities, relationships and then some.

Earlier this year, R&B singer Toni Braxton shared one of her videos on her social media page. This gave a boost to Holla’s popularity, and she gained a huge number of new fans.

Grandma Holla’s videos are recorded by her granddaughter Michelle Williams, who posts the footage on her TikTok account. She shot her first video featuring Grandma as a joke in August 2021. Her profile has already got more than 700k followers.

Over the past few months, with her quick one-liners and out-of-the-box comments, Grandma Holla has brought laughter and joy to many.

But Grandma herself is not doing too well.

According to multiple reports, Grandma Holla is suffering from some form of cancer, which is in its advanced stage. Over the weekend, Grandma Holla has been sent to the hospital, where she is currently fighting for her life.

Because of her cancer diagnosis, rumors that Grandma had died started spreading online.

It was news of relief for her fans when they heard Grandma Holla is still alive and with us. The rumors about her death have been found to be false. After big speculations over the entertainer’s health, her daughter, Janice Williams, has finally spoken up to set the record straight and declared that Grandma Holla is fine and well.

“Hey holla is fine. She is home eating cereal right now,” Janice wrote in the comment of a social media post. However, Grandma Holla is alive, it seems like she is battling some health issues behind the camera. Many reports have stated that have revealed that the TikToker was admitted to a hospital after having an unknown illness earlier. Meanwhile, she continued to entertain her fans even from her hospital bed.”

Just a couple of days ago, Ms. Holla took a few days off but she’s back and she’s thankful for all of her followers but she’s disappointed in celebrity news such as: Sweetie Pie’s (Tim), R. Kelly and Biden!

Just because she’s alive, doesn’t mean she’s out of the woods. Advanced-stage cancer of any kind is a huge fight.

Having advanced cancer can bring anxiety and uncertainty to anyone dealing with it, even the loveable Grandma Holla. Some people

respond well to different treatments and continue to live for months or years. But others are at a point where there is no treatment available or their cancer can no longer be controlled. This is also called end-stage cancer or terminal cancer. (Sometimes terminal cancer is called metastatic cancer, but they aren’t always the same thing.

Also, we lift up her granddaughter, which most believe is also her primary caregiver.

Caring for someone with advanced cancer brings new challenges and concerns. Things can get harder as your loved one’s cancer progresses. It’s important to take care of yourself and reach out for help. Getting help for yourself will also help your loved one.

Caregivers are going through cancer along with the patient so we send prayers out to her granddaughter and the entire family.

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