Terminally sick man On Family F*ud, wins $20,000 – Steve realizes that the man needs more when he sobs uncontrollably.

From his selfless deeds of kindness to his jovial d**anour, Steve Harvey is without a doubt one of the best television hosts of the present. Since Steve took over as presenter of the venerable game programme “Family Feud” in 2010, the audience hasn’t stopped laughing.

When Steve learned the truth, everything made sense. Recently, he encountered a dedicated competitor who seemed to be a little bit more eager to win than he should have been. The person in question played Family Feud for three days on set but came away empty-handed.

Steve noticed the man was perspiring profusely and figured it was a sign of nervousness, but something told him things were not as they looked. He had played for three days, Steve said, and they hadn’t won the money, and he was a wreck.

The contestant finally prevailed after a protracted tussle, taking home $20,000 before falling to the ground in tears. He simply went on his knees and started crying, according to Steve. Steve approached the man during the commercial break and remarked that, even at $20,000, his response was remarkable.

The contestant’s statement completely surprised Steve. I’m going to d*e, Steve. I only have three months to live, and because of my illness, I am not eligible for insurance. My family needs this money badly. Without hesitation, Steve said something that offered the patient more hope than any doctor could.

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