Snoop Dogg’s Daughter Cori Broadus Admits Feeling Like Fianće Was Too Good For Her

For Cori Broadus, the road to accepting herself and ultimately accepting love has not been easy. The daughter of Snoop Dogg, Broadus is an artist and star in her own right who has had to deal with constant scrutiny surrounding her complexion, her weight, and now her relationship. According to Cori, sometimes the pressure was so much that she too questioned if she was deserving of the love she’d found in fianće Wayne Duece.

Cori Broadus and her husband-to-be did a spread with Teen Vogue where she opened up on their union and how the journey has been tough for her, considering the type of love she got in the past from men. “Real, Raw & Uncut 🤎🥹 Happy Valentines Day! Beyond honored to share our love story with the world.. Thank you, @teenvogue, for giving me the space to do it,” she said in a slideshow shared on her page. In it, Cori and Wayne pose it up in several heartwarming shots where they show off their undeniable love and chemistry. Cori’s beautiful ring is also prominently displayed.

Within the feature, Cori says that her struggle with lupus and body image led her to several unhealthy relationships. When she met Wayne, she was expecting much of the same and, early on, was looking for signs that he was being unfaithful. “I used to go through his phone, wasn’t seeing nothing. I’m like, ‘Am I missing it?’ Because I was used to all the negativity all the time,” she admitted to the publication.

Cori says that in the beginning, they established a strong friendship, which allowed their love to grow organically. However, during that time, Cori identified just how good of a person Wayne was and immediately deducted that maybe he was too good for her. “In the beginning, I was like, ‘Oh, he is too good for me,’” she recalls after meeting him at a house party. However, they let things progress slowly and eventually began dating. These days, Cori admits to still feeling uneasy.

However, Wayne proposing to her after weeks of arguing proved to her that he had the desire to stick around, so she said yes.

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