Shocking Turn in the Thompson Family: Tristan Steps Up in a Big Way After Tragedy

In legal papers reviewed by PEOPLE, the NBA free agent asserts that his father has long been distant from his younger sibling Amari, positioning him as the nearest kin.

Tristan Thompson, post the unfortunate passing of their mother Andrea in January, stepped up as the main carer for his younger brother, Amari Thompson. Recently, he sought to legally cement this role.

The NBA free agent, previously linked with Khloé Kardashian, submitted an official request last Friday to be the exclusive legal guardian of his 17-year-old sibling.

From the details gleaned from PEOPLE, 32-year-old Tristan alleges that since 2014, their father, Trevor Thompson, has had minimal involvement in his younger sibling’s life. This has left Tristan as Amari’s primary familial support, especially considering the youth’s special medical needs.

Amari, diagnosed with epilepsy among other health issues, necessitates continuous attention. This is the kind of support that Tristan is keen on ensuring through guardianship.

The legal papers highlight, “Amari, being underage and having health challenges, cannot fend for himself or hold a job.”

Currently, Amari resides with Tristan in his residence in Hidden Hills, California.

The documents further elucidate, “Assigning a guardian for Amari is crucial. This step ensures a responsible individual looks after his fundamental requirements. Moreover, with a modest inheritance from his late mother pending, a guardian is necessary for its effective management.”

The records also indicate that Amari is set to inherit roughly $103,475 from his mother’s assets. Tristan’s guardianship would encompass safeguarding this inheritance and overseeing Amari’s medical regimen. Another key intent is to seek U.S. citizenship for Amari, originally from Canada.

Their mother, Andrea, tragically succumbed to a heart attack in Toronto on January 5, as initially reported by TMZ Sports.

Upon hearing the sad news, Tristan immediately traveled to Toronto, accompanied by Khloé, who had a close bond with Andrea.

The season’s final episode of The Kardashians in July witnessed Khloé, founder of Good American, sharing her thoughts on welcoming Tristan and Amari into her home, especially after an incident where Tristan’s house suffered damage due to harsh weather.

During a candid chat with her sister Kim Kardashian and their mom, Kris Jenner, the SKIMS pioneer, 42, remarked, “Life’s ironies, right? You were set on enjoying some freedom, and suddenly Tristan and his younger brother are under your roof due to unforeseen circumstances.”

Khloé responded philosophically, “It’s like the old saying goes, ‘If you want a good laugh, tell God your plans.’ But God always has bigger plans, and right now, he needs all the support he can get.”

Further in the episode, she added how her son, Tatum, who turned one on July 28, and Amari share a unique connection, hinting at their budding friendship.

Despite living together and Khloé’s unwavering support, she clarified that there’s no romantic reconciliation on the horizon.

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