Schoolgirl Miraculously Rescues Stray: Real-Life Angel Caught on Camera!

On a drizzly, somber day, Mayane Rodrigues was taken aback by an uplifting sight right outside her apartment window in Brazil.

Down the street, she glimpsed a schoolgirl pausing amidst the rain. The girl carefully placed her umbrella on the ground, unstrapped her backpack, and then draped off her jacket.

That’s when Rodrigues’ gaze shifted to a drenched stray puppy by the girl’s side. She realized the girl’s gestures were all for this little creature.

The subsequent events touched Rodrigues deeply:

She observed the young girl gently wrap the puppy in her arms and proceed on her journey. To Rodrigues, this girl seemed nothing short of a guardian angel.

“It was a brief yet poignant moment,” Rodrigues recounted to The Dodo. “I shared the footage with a friend who then posted it in our local group. That’s how I discovered the identity of this compassionate young lady.”

She was Cibely Stiegelmair, a 13-year-old with a heart as vast as the ocean. On that fateful day, she gave a new lease of life to the puppy.

“When she walked in drenched, clutching the puppy, I was alarmed,” shared Rejane Stiegelmair, Cibely’s mother, with The Dodo. “I saw blood on her attire and feared she was hurt, but she clarified that the puppy had sustained an injury.”

Thankfully, the puppy’s wounds weren’t grave. A dose of affection and care was all it needed to recuperate.

Upon spotting the forsaken puppy, Cibely felt an instinctive pull to come to its aid.

“Cibely possesses a boundless compassion for stray animals,” Rejane expressed. “She’d shelter every single one if she had her way.”

The family has since embraced the dog, christened Pretinha by Cibely, into their loving home.

While the circumstances leading Pretinha to be left abandoned on the pavement remain unknown, one fact stands out — Cibely’s intervention changed its destiny for the better.

“We’ve always been proud of Cibely,” her mother reflected. “But her recent act of kindness has elevated our admiration for her even further!”

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