R&B Singer Tory Lanez Claims He Almost Just Died In Car Accident Believes It Was Set Up: “It Almost Felt Like Someone Knew To Crash Into Us”

Troubled and controversial Canadian singer/rapper Tory Lanez does not seem like he can catch a break as of late. He’s still embroiled in a severe battle, both legally and in the court of public opinion, as it pertains to the 2020 incident that involved Megan Thee Stallion. Lanez went from being revered as a fan favorite to being one of America’s most disliked artists, going as far as petitioning for his deportation. The rapper’s luck continues to remain in a bad position as he was recently involved in a near-fatal accident.

Life hasn’t exactly been a bed of roses or the easiest cake walk for Tory Lanez, real name Daystar Peterson, since the summer of last year. The incident with Megan Thee Stallion proved to be the beginning of his downfall. While he has released a flurry of music since, his presence in the music scene has pretty much been quelled, and the respect has definitely been lost for most of his listeners and fans.


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The drama continued for months as people waited for a judge to rule on the matter. As Tory continues to fight for his possible innocence, he has to await a court date which as of now, has not been appointed yet. Fans have speculated that the charges were dropped in the case, but a rep for Tory Lanez shared that it was “not true.”

It was revealed by ET Online that a judge has noticed that their case is far more “complicated than he imagined.” So far, Megan has been granted a protective order against Lanez, and the “Accidents Happen” rapper has a charge as well and is not allowed to speak on any details of the case publicly.

Shawn Holley, the lawyer for Tory Lanez, shared in a statement that the goal at this point for the Canadian rapper is to receive a “fair proceeding,” which according to Holley is “difficult when Ms. Peterson and her lawyer are able to speak about the evidence in the case, yet we are unable to refute their public statements because of the protective order,” ET reports.

Recently, Lanez became more vocal about artists who he felt “switched sides” and were no longer loyal to him. As an artist, he says he “understands” their decisions and harbors no animosity towards them. Lanez also shared his belief that when the truth is revealed, all will be right again, but for now he will continue living a regular life and pressing on.

“You gotta understand, people have brands,” explained Tory on the Million Dollaz Worth Of Game podcast. “Before I look at Tory Lanez like it’s me, Tory Lanez is a brand. Whatever artist is their brand. At the moment, it wasn’t the look to put their brand on it. Unless you were somebody who stood so far into the brand, that your brand was so you, that your personal life is reflected on your brand. When it started, there were very few people like that on the outside, but on the inside it was love. That was the weird thing about it for me.”

Tory’s latest single, “SKAT”, features North Carolina rapper Da Baby, one of the few artists to appear on a record released by Lanez since the incident. The “Bop” rapper’s appearance on Tory’s single sparked a back and forth between Megan and Da Baby, with Meg’s boyfriend Pardison Fontaine stepping in to defend his queen. Shortly after, Lanez shot two subliminal tweets out which led fans to believe that he was addressing Megan. “Disloyalty is a Disconnect for me,” he tweeted followed by, “Why lie when u could have just told the truth.”

It’s been recently reported that Tory Lanez was involved in an unfortunate car accident while riding in an Uber. According to a report from Rap-Up, the SUV he was in was driving in Sherman Oaks, California, collided with another vehicle, causing feasible damage. An obviously shaken up Lanez would videos of the accident on his Instagram Stories, where he also could be heard saying ” a n***a almost just died.”

“We got in a car accident in a f*****g Uber, look at that, oh my god,” he exclaimed in the clip. He would later tweet that he felt there was something fishy about the timing of the accident and that seemingly he might have been targeted. “Strange,” tweeted the rapper. “It almost felt like someone knew to crash into us.”


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We’re glad to report that Tory is safe and seemingly unharmed. Fans of the rapper are rejoicing in the news, sharing prayers and well wishes to Tory on social media. There were also those that played into the conspiracy theories and offered up some of their own. Some others, however, feel that he could be overreacting by saying that he was targeted. Check out a few reactions below.



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