Ray J and Raz-B At Odds Over New Show, Raz-B Pulls Up and Things Go Left

Ray J and Raz-B are R&B bad boys known for their heated tempers. Things came to a boiling point between them recently, and the men got into a scuffle following a failed business agreement. The Love & Hip-Hop frontman and B2K alumni are collaborating on a series for Ray J’s network, The Dosh Network. The “The Dosh Fight Club” is living up to its name, but Ray J thinks the show might be too much.

Ray J is said to have been a bit upset with recent footage from the Fight Club show. He deemed it too graphic and a bad look for the culture. Raz B is producing the series, which Ray J says focuses too much on the participating individuals’ personal issues. Raz B was unhappy about this and pulled up on Ray J to discuss the footage and the issues they were experiencing. According to Raz, Ray did not like this and decided to swing on him. “He’s mad because I have footage that we paid him to direct! Now He say it’s too violent and not good for the culture! BUT YOU DID IT!!! Now you wanna fight me! Is that good for the culture?? – I’m really going to put the footage out NOW! #DFC.”

The incident took place outside of a show that Bobby Valentino was headlining. Bobby can be seen in the clip with Ray J and Raz B when the guys start scuffling. You can hear a girl screaming “watch it” as Bobby tried to calm Ray J down. Raz B looked around in shock and embarrassment before engaging again. Ray J later addressed Raz B in his IG story, asking him to squash their beef, saying, “it’s Superbowl, bro! STOP!” He claims he has no desire to “fall into Raz hype.”

Raz reshared the clip with a giant hat emoji which is usually code for “Cap.” Ray J later said that he would like to pivot the shows direct and get the cast members’ help. “My intention is to help at the end of it all, get all of those people help and guidance,” he said to The Shade Room.

It appears Ray J and Raz-B are trying to move on from the scuffle. No word on the show’s premiere date.

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