Popular Pastor John Gray in Critical Condition

Popular pastor John Gray, who has gained fame on social media in the past few years is hospitalized and in critical condition. His wife Aventer Gray, is asking for a miracle on social media.

“Hello family. My family and I stand in need of a miracle,” posts Aventer Gray on her Instagram. “Please keep my husband @realjohngray in your prayers.”

“After feeling a little different over the past couple weeks, he went to the ER on Thursday evening and was immediately admitted to CCU with A saddle Pulmonary Embolism in the pulmonary artery and more lung blood clots. The Saddle PE is in a position that could potentially end his life if it shifts at all. The clot burden is severe and only God is holding it in place. He is currently in CCU and based on CT & Echo we will need two types of surgery due to the pressure now on the heart within the next 24 hours. To place this in perspective, the doctor said that people have come into the hospital dead with this exact scenario he walked in with.”

“The Doctor said God has to keep him through the night and he can not move, not even get up to walk to a bathroom. Ok, COOL! Thanks ma’am! God isn’t done! I don’t care what CT, ECHO, All or any of the tests show! It’s clear God isn’t finished. Clots have to bow to my God! That’s all!”

“I need as many people who believe in the miracle healing power Of Jesus Christ to join me and my family and our church as we cry out on behalf of John W. Gray III.”

“I’m rocking with God, Relentlessly!”

Gray was an associate pastor under megachurch pastor Joel Osteen. He and his family moved to Greenville in 2018 to pastor Redemption Church, now known as Relentless Church.

Saddle PE, the condition that Gray has, is life-threatening and normally needs some kind of emergency treatment. Saddle PEs are rare — they make up only about 2 to 5 percent of all PE cases. A pulmonary embolism (PE) is a blockage in one of the arteries of the lungs. A saddle PE is when a large blood clot gets stuck in the main pulmonary artery.

Pulmonary embolism is the condition that took the life of Thomas Mikal Ford a couple of years ago from the hit comedy “Martin” with Martin Lawrence.

Saddle PE is when a large blood clot (thrombus) gets stuck where the main pulmonary artery branches off into a Y-shape to go into each lung. The name refers to the fact that the clot “saddles” on top of both branch arteries.

In most cases, a blockage can happen when a blood clot

breaks loose and travels to your lungs from the large veins in your legs or other parts of your body.

A PE can also be caused by a tumor, fat matter, or air that gets into the lungs.

Symptoms of PE
Signs and symptoms of a saddle PE are the same other types of PE. They include:

chest pain
shortness of breath
blood-streaked spit from coughing
difficulty breathing
fast heart rate
irregular heartbeat
low blood pressure
lightheadness or dizziness
clammy skin
blue skin
leg pain or swelling (if the blood clot started in the leg vein)

Megachurch pastor Ron Carpenter asked his followers to also pray for his friend John.

“Many people are aware that my and Pastor John’s transition had its share of bumps,” admits Carpenter on his Instagram.

“But in reality, all transition is bumpy…. even in it’s best form. And even though we were not able to achieve some of the things we desired, there’s never been a time I didn’t consider John a brother. I’ve known him for almost 20 years and I’m asking you to help me pray for his full recovery.”

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