Orangutan mom, thought to be infertile, gives birth and is captured on camera for the first time

A Glimpse Into the Miraculous World of the Animal Kingdom

It’s often said that nature never ceases to amaze, and that sentiment was palpable at the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. There, an astonishing scene unfolded: a mother orangutan, on film, not only gave birth but also proudly showcased her newborn to the conservation staff in an enchanting encounter.

This event transpired at the renowned U.K. trust in Jersey, a legacy of Gerald Durrell, the author of the acclaimed “My Family and Other Animals”, which was later transformed into the popular television series, “The Durrells.”

But the story gains an additional layer of wonder. Dana, the orangutan in the spotlight, was believed to be incapable of conceiving. Staff had previously noted a blockage in her fallopian tubes, making her chances of pregnancy slim.

Despite being 25, this Sumatran orangutan encountered numerous challenges during her gestation period, necessitating vigilant observation.

However, when it came time for her to give birth, everyone present ensured she was granted her deserved privacy, standing by in silent admiration. The explicit video captured Dana’s immediate maternal instincts as she cleared her infant’s breathing pathways, tidied him up, and disconnected the umbilical cord. Notably, this marked the first recorded instance of a Sumatran orangutan birth.

The conservationists employed an infrared camera to ensure the well-being of both Dana and her soon-to-be-born infant, while also ensuring a veterinary team was at the ready should any complications arise.

The defining moment arrived when Dana, after ensuring her baby’s well-being, approached the zoo staff to proudly present her offspring, leaving them in sheer disbelief. “It’s incredible! She’s here to show us her baby!” exclaimed an awestruck staff member on the footage.

The background resonated with an unmistakable sound— the ecstatic cries of Dagu, the 28-year-old father, laying eyes on his child for the initial time.

In homage to the extraordinary circumstances of his birth, this newest member of the critically endangered Sumatran orangutan species was christened “Keajaiban”, colloquially “Kea”, translating to “miracle.”

It’s an apt title for a truly miraculous birth and baby. Here’s sending heartiest congratulations to Dana on her wondrous new journey of motherhood! Share to spread this tale of nature’s awe.

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