Model Melyssa Ford’s Near-Death Crash: “I Was Battling Depression”

UPDATE: After her near-death car accident, model and actress Melyssa Ford admitted she was battling the mental after-effects from the crash. She took to Instagram to share her battle:

“I’m battling Depression. Crushing, malignant Depression. It was always there; it’s just been made a little worse because of the head trauma from the crash. There are days where simple tasks take the effort of 40 men; mornings where I’m unhappy to wake and see the sun because it’s another day spent listlessly looking for solid meaning in life. The guilt I feel at having survived and not feeling constant gratitude is a heavy weight to bear. I’m trying to jump back into my life but it feels like there are two Me’s: Before and After the crash. And I barely know who Before Me is anymore. Trying to seek help feels like drowning in a strong current with a lifeline swinging right above your head. I say all this to say check in with your ‘strongest friend’… no one ever does.”

But now, the video vixen is doing well now and is loving every day she gets a chance to get older. Here’s what she posted:

Fans and friends alike are praying for Media personality and former video vixen Melyssa Ford. She has been hospitalized after a near-death experience that fractured her skull from an accident with an 18-wheeler.

According to close friend Maryam Iman, Ford’s Jeep flipped three times after a collision with the truck. She fractured her skull, suffered a concussion and is suffering from bleeding in her brain. However, Ford is alive because she reportedly wore her seatbelt.

“Seeing you in the hospital bed reminded how short life is and how fast things can happen. Driving home yesterday from the hospital completely choked me up. It’s a blessing you are still here with us,” Iman captioned an Instagram photo of her and Ford. “Life is short and so please spread love. Please only send my friend love and healing during this time. Hug your loved ones and hold them close. Love you @melyssaford and I’m glad you’re still here with us.”

There is no word on the driver or if he or she was questioned by authorities.

Skull fractures aren’t managed exactly like other bone fractures. Treatment will depend on several factors. Your doctor will take into consideration your age, health, and medical history, as well as the type of fracture, its severity, and any resulting brain injuries.

Surgery is more often a required course of treatment for depressed skull fractures if the depression is severe enough. This is because depressed skull fractures have a harder time healing on their own.

Depressed skull fractures could result in not only cosmetic issues, but also potential for further injury to the brain if the fracture isn’t corrected. Surgery may also be necessary if the depression puts pressure on the brain or if there’s cerebrospinal fluid leakage.

Former Real Housewives of Atlanta castmate Claudia Jordan used her Instagram to emphasize how serious the accident was.

“It’s a shame I have to do this to let folks know the seriousness of @melyssaford ‘s accident (I got her permission first) but here it is,” she captioned a photo from the accident. “She was involved in a horrific accident that could have easily taken her life. It’s actually a miracle she survived. She’s injured FOR REAL. She…

doesn’t even remember this as she has a huge gash in her head and blood on the brain.”

Spectators at the scene stated, “she is very lucky to be alive right now. It was a horrific car accident and she should be happy to be out of it. I’m sure all of her friends and family are happy to know she made it through it.”

As one of the first high-profile music video vixen, Canadian-born Ford began her career in 1998 after being discovered by director, Little X. Her career and prominence from moving from just being a “video girl” to a public figure began to grow.

We are continually praying for Melyssa and her speedy recovery.

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