Al Roker & Deborah’s 28th Anniversary: The Heartwarming Moments You Didn’t See

“Family is the ultimate treasure,” expressed Al Roker, renowned weatherman from the ‘Today’ show about his beloved wife.

Al Roker and Deborah Roberts recently commemorated a milestone!

This Saturday witnessed the ‘Today’ show’s celebrated weatherman, aged 69, and the esteemed ABC News reporter celebrating their 28th wedding anniversary. Their respective social media accounts were graced with delightful pictures capturing cherished moments across the years.

Al took to Instagram, posting a series of photographs with Deborah, 62, commencing with beautiful images from their wedding. One particularly endearing photo showcases Al dapper in his tuxedo alongside Deborah looking radiant in her pristine wedding ensemble. Another candid captures Deborah offering Al a slice of their wedding cake, while a subsequent one has the couple beaming, hand in hand.

Al’s heartwarming album also spotlighted pictures of their children in their younger days, memorable moments like their visit to the White House during the festive season with the former U.S. President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama, and a cozy holiday picture featuring their entire family, inclusive of their pet dog, Pepper.

The couple’s love story began when they first crossed paths at NBC in 1990. Together, they share the joy of parenthood with their two children, Leila and Nicholas. Al’s family also includes a daughter, Courtney, from his prior marriage.

Marking the occasion, Al pensively captioned his Instagram post, “Embracing the journey of 28 years, @deborahrobertsabc has been my rock through highs and lows. The most treasured gift she’s bestowed upon me is our family. Cheers to our years together, darling.”

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Concurrently, Deborah shared her sentiments on Instagram with a series of pictures chronicling their journey, including a playful image with a cake mimicking The New York Times’ front page.

She mused, “Embarking on this 28-year journey, we had our fair share of nervous moments, thrilling experiences, and hearts overflowing with aspirations. It’s been an unparalleled adventure. The past year reinforced the importance of treasuring every moment. Your presence is my sanctuary. Here’s to many more memories, my love.”

Katie Couric, the former ‘Today’ show host, couldn’t resist commenting, “What an adorable duo!” to which Deborah replied with heartfelt emojis.

Earlier in the year, Al revealed to PEOPLE about the immense support Deborah extended during a health challenge he confronted last autumn.

Crediting his resilience to her, he recalled an episode where he was diagnosed with blood clots that had migrated from his leg to his lungs. He had to be hospitalized on two different occasions, spanning almost a fortnight each, at the New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center.

In PEOPLE’s inaugural Love Issue in 2021, Deborah shed light on Al’s knack for romantic gestures. She reminisced, “Al has this endearing habit of leaving surprise notes. Whether it’s beside the coffee maker, in my travel bags, or even tucked in my purse – each note is a testament to his thoughtfulness.”

Mornings with Al, she described, are sprinkled with sweet surprises, and he constantly keeps the romance alive. She concluded, “His thoughtfulness is ceaseless, proving he’s a true romantic at heart.”

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