Actress and EGOT Winner Whoopi Goldberg Claims Many Men Have Paid Her To Spend Time With Them

Chances are that with enough money, you can pay people to do just about anything. That includes hanging out with you. The history of women exchanging their time with men for compensation is not new. Much like the plot of Pretty Women, several celebrities have opened up about the times they have accompanied a rich man for a nice payday. The most recent person to talk about it is Whoopi Goldberg.

Of course, these days, for a small fee, you can see aspects of your favorite stars you’ve never seen before. Sites like Only Fans offer an exclusive curated experience for those wanting to feel closer to their favorite star. However, back in the day, that option was only open to those who could really afford to have a celebrity carve out some time for them. Jane Fonda recently opened up about entertaining a 90-year-old who opted to pay her for her time. The 85-year-old says the Austrian building tycoon invited her to attend the Vienna Opera Ball and gave her quite a bit of money for her company.

While discussing the story on The View, the ladies all agreed that they saw nothing wrong with this type of arrangement. Ana Navarro even joked that she was on the lookout for a rich tycoon to entertain. Whoopi admitted that she, too, has been paid to grace a man with her presence. The EGOT opened up about men she’s met over the years who appreciated her charm, wit, and humor so much so that some offered her money for her to spend time with them. “I’m not gonna lie; I’ve done it several times. People have paid to hang with me.”

Goldberg continued, “sometimes they want somebody funny on their arm or somebody somebody knows so they can say ‘i’m with so and so.’” Whoopi believes that long as you are clear about what the arrangement is and why they are paying you, there should be no issues. “As long as you’re clear about what you are doing there, no problem.” Joy Behar joked that she and her co-hosts get to see Goldberg every day for free.

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