Valerie Bertinelli Finds Love Again After a Painful Divorce

Valerie Bertinelli’s divorce left her heartbroken, but she has found love again with a man who shares her values. Despite vowing to stay single, she is now happy in her new relationship.


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Valerie Bertinelli, a famous actress and TV host, has experienced many ups and downs in her life, including a costly divorce. However, she has found happiness again with a new partner who is also a single parent.

Bertinelli has been open about her relationship struggles and self-esteem issues, which has helped her connect with her fans. They are eager to know more about her life, including her past marriages.

Bertinelli’s First Marriage

In 1981, Valerie Bertinelli married rock star Eddie Van Halen when she was just 20 years old. Their marriage was short-lived but intense, and they had a son named Wolfgang in 1991. Although they divorced in 2007, they remained close friends and co-parented their child.

Challenges in Her First Marriage

Bertinelli faced challenges in her marriage to Van Halen, including his struggles with substance abuse and his rock star lifestyle. Despite these challenges, she has spoken positively about their time together and their shared love.

Bertinelli’s Second Marriage


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After her divorce from Van Halen, Bertinelli married financial advisor Tom Vitale in 2011. They had a private ceremony at their Malibu home, and their ex-husband Van Halen attended the wedding with their son. Although they seemed happy, their marriage did not last.

New Chapter in Life

Bertinelli’s path to recovery and her new relationship have not been easy, but she has found happiness again. Her new partner is a single parent like herself, and they share similar values. Despite her initial decision to stay single, Bertinelli is now happy in her new relationship.

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