Robert De Niro’s Daughter, Drena, Offers Tribute To Her Late Son Who Died Of Overdose One Year Ago

Drena De Niro, the daughter of the legendary actor Robert De Niro, has paid a touching tribute to her late son, Leandro De Niro-Rodriguez, on the first anniversary of his passing.

Drena, 52, expressed her deep emotions on Instagram, sharing a heartfelt post along with a series of never-before-seen photographs that captured Leandro’s lively spirit. The images showcased Leandro’s stylish flair, dressed in leather jackets and embodying a carefree attitude, radiating a bittersweet youthful energy.

In her tribute, Drena wrote, “Today we celebrated sweet wild boy Leo. In your short time here, you made the world a brighter place. You are deeply loved like the sun loves the moon and the moon loves the sea.”

The post also featured lines from a poem that highlighted the profound impact of someone’s presence in another’s life, a sentiment that deeply resonates with Drena’s grief and love for her son.

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