13-Year-Old Is Forced to Give Up Her Baby Daughter, Reunites with Her 82 Years Later

When a young girl gave birth to a beautiful baby, her circumstances prevented them from sharing a life. She was devastated and never forgot about her child. More than eight decades later, something incredible happened.

An airport in Greater Binghamton, New York, was the location of a special reunion that was 82 years in the making. Lena Pierce was forced to give up her baby girl in 1933 because the state deemed her too young to be a mother.

The 13-year-old looked after the child for six months and bonded with her before being taken away. She hoped to see her daughter, Eva May, again, but it seemed like that day would never come.

Curious about Her Birth Mother
Decades went by, and Pierce never heard from her daughter—little did she know that the child she loved was also looking for her. Renamed Betty Morrell by her adoptive parents, Pierce’s daughter tried to find her mom for years.

Her adoptive mom and dad had passed away when she was in her twenties, and she started to become curious about her birth mom and potential siblings. However, it was challenging to find out information about her past.

Overwhelmed by the Discovery
After years of searching and the assistance of her granddaughter, Kimberly Miccio, they finally made some progress. They managed to find Morrell’s original birth certificate.

It listed Pierce’s name, and Miccio was stunned to hear that her grandmother’s birth mom was still alive. She was ecstatic at the prospect of their reunion.

Her Life Was Complete
Morrell was overwhelmed by the news and broke down crying. Miccio shared: “She was crying so much she couldn’t even go to play bingo.”

They also discovered that Morrell had six siblings! It was a joyous time for the 82-year-old, and as she chatted on the phone with her birth mom, she felt like her life was complete.

The Beginning of Her Life
Morrell was grateful to her adoptive parents, who loved her and cared for her. However, she always felt as if something was missing in her life.

In 2016, the duo met face to face at the airport, and it was an emotional moment for all. Morrell expressed: “It was like the beginning of my life.”

It Was Everything She Hoped For
The then-82-year-old was thrilled to see her mom, and it was an unforgettable moment in her life. She revealed that the reunion was everything she had ever hoped for.

Morrell expressed:

“It’s an experience that not many get at my age or my mother’s age. It’s the best thing that’s happened to me.”

Another Reunion after Decades Apart
Adoptees often long to reunite with their biological parents no matter how much time has passed. In 2020, Karen Harris of Cornwall, England, finally had the opportunity to meet her father after 56 years apart.

Their connection was made possible thanks to social media. Harris knew her dad’s name was Trevor Sinden, and when she found him on Facebook, she reached out. They started chatting and were elated to discover they were family.

After many years apart, Harris and Morrell were stunned to locate their birth parents. The reunion meant the world to both of them, and they were thankful for the chance to get to know their long-lost loved ones.

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